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Welcome to RATOC System Engineering!
Ratoc develops software such as 3D image analysis, 3D reconstruction, bone morphometry, nano-particle analysis, FEM analysis and otolith daily ring measurement and so on.

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Instruction manual is now on sale.
Available to get it in the selling price ¥2100

FAX form for the application

-A Morning Glory- by Nango


Demonstration・Rental & Analysis Services
Ratoc offers five services for customers to make use of our products handily.

Cloud service
Demo room service
Rental service
Analysis service
Light scattering tomography MILSA service

                                                          Koinobori Flags
                                     Shima Hotspring in Gunma Prefecture
                                       by Nango

TRI  Film library created using TRI systemMovie

Green: Pulp cavity;   Pink: The surface of the tooth
Presented by Dr. Aboshi: Dental department of Japan University

Available to see the measurements of Bone morphometry, Bone mineral, Finite element method, & Particle separation.

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